Mike Pisano Painting
A Quality Paint Job Can Make
Your Home Stand Out.
Always choose a professional
The Exterior of Your Home has
It's Own Color Scheme.
Using Multiple Colors the right way
will make your home distinctive
Exterior House Painting-Bergen County, NJ

Hiring a professional can make a big difference.  Remember,
there are 3 things that you really need to think about it as you
approach the project.  

Number 1 is the quality of paint.  It doesn't matter how nice a
job is done if the paint doesn't last.  Unless otherwise
requested we use Benjamin Moore which lasts and resists
fading.  They also make a bunch of nice colors. Which leads
me to my next point.  

Most people don't think about it like this but your exterior is
more than 1 color and the color you use for the trim is almost
as important as the main color of your house.  Tweaks in the
shades of these colors can really improve the appearance of
your home without it being too radical a change.  Taking a little
extra time before starting and using sample colors can really
help.  If you are thinking about changing the color of your home
or just tweaking the shade.  Check out another cool web tool;
this one from
Benjamin Moore to help you choose an inspired

There are many other factors to consider when painting the
exterior of your home.  Application, avoiding problems like
chalking, blistering, cracking, peeling and even the outside
temperature.  Please give us a call, we think the only
temperature you should be worried about is whether your drink
is cold enough.  Relax your home is going to look great.  
Bergen County NJ